For a girl that's always on the go, I'm such a sucker for a chic everyday look. Whether I'm running errands or grabbing coffee, ya girl wants to look put together. Even if that means I'm in sweats! I've learned a thing or two over the years to nail this look down. Keep scrolling to read my tips on how to look chic even when you're off-duty:

1.) Pick elevated basics: Take your everyday classics that have unique details, cuts, or patterns to use your statement piece. It'll draw a focal point to your outfit and will be easier to put the rest of your look together. Like the outfit below, I choose these amazing Zara pinstripe trouser sweatpants. I love the detailing and the yellow stripe running through the sides. Best of all, they don't look like sweats and they were under $40! 

2.) Wear unique accessories: Invest in good quality accessories! This seems like a no-brainer, but it can really take your t-shirt and denim look to the next level. I personally tend to lean towards more finer and understated pieces over big statement flashy accessories. Less is more and being selective will help you choose what you really love. My go to accessories are these unique sunglasses, a gold necklace written in arabic, and chunky hoops.


3.) Choose stylish shoes: Whether you're rocking Nike trainers or Saint Laurent heels, picking a good pair of shoes will tie your whole look together and give you that extra polish. I'm currently obsessing over these sock boots because they pretty much go with everything. 


4.) Keep your color palette minimal: I think the best everyday outfits are simple with a few twists. Wearing neutral color patterns (black, nude, white, grey, cream) will make you look effortless, chic, and put together. 


5.) Slick pony: This hairstyle will make you look polished even if you just rolled out of bed! Simple & understated, this has been my favorite look as of lately. I use a few products and it only takes a few minutes to achieve this pony. I used a bristle brush to comb and smooth my hair. Next I used Bumble & Bumble hair spray and a fine comb to tame any fly away's. Lastly, I finished the look with a few drops of Moroccan oil to the ends of my hair add a shine. 

karen song