The Ultimate Get Your Sh*t Together Guide

It's said that “you have the same 24 hours as Beyonce.” Buttt let’s also keep in mind she has a personal trainer, stylist, chef, etc. Nonetheless, we all share 1,440 minutes in a day!

So how exactly are we going to spend that time? Are we going to watch the next rerun of Netflix or hit the gym? Here’s the beautiful thing about this moment. We all have a choice at this present moment. 

I'm not here to sell you magic fairy dust and tell you that if you follow these steps. You'll have a perfectly curated instagram life. Because who's perfect and has it 100% figured it out all the time? I sure don't. However, I’ve put together 6 tips on what's helped me reshape my life. Let's get into it!


1.Self Love

Self love has probably been one of the hardest things that I’ve had to learn in getting my shit together. Living in Los Angeles, I've always felt pressured to do MORE. Get more money, have more jobs, be more fit, go on more trips, etc. I was always that person who was constantly on the go and had no balance in my life. To be frank, I started to get really burnt out trying to be always one step ahead. I was constantly tired because I was running this imaginary rat race competing next to an imaginary perfect person. Even when I had everything going for me, it was hard for me to feel genuinely happy because I wasn’t able to appreciate what I had at that current moment.  This ultimately made me feel like I was never good enough for my own standards. It’s a slippery slope when you try fulfill an idea of yourself vs. accepting who you are at this current moment. Even if that means you’re a mess. It’s ok! 

After I hit the wall burning out so many times, I slowly started to learn how to become more gentle and loving towards myself.  I stopped guilt tripping  myself when I wanted to take a break or sleep in. And that slice of cake? Why not. Treat yoself! The next time you feel like you're starting to get close to empty. Try to slow down, reflect, read a book, stay in on a Friday night, drink water, eat a healthy meal, moisturize, and protect your energy. You’re one in a million, so start to treat yourself that way!                                                                                             


2. Set your environment:


Do you ever get that feeling of anxiety when your room or car is a complete mess? Somehow the physical mess manifests into your headspace and now your decision making abilities start to get a bit foggy. We don’t always get to control what happens in the outside world, but we have the ability to control what we allow into our personal spac

My tip is to start small and start throwing away any existing clutter that you may have built up over time. Once you have your personal space on track, it’s important to equally take time to reevaluate the existing relationships in your life. Clean space and mind=CLARITY. Choose to be intentional on what and who you bring into your life.






3. Dump all your to do’s in a journal:


There’s something so therapeutic about writing down things in your journal. Trust me, I’m a digital girl all the way, but a good pen and paper can do wonders.  Manually writing things down allow you to see exactly what you need to prioritize.

To start, I separate all my to do’s into 3 columns. High priority (things that need to get done this week), middle priority (things that need to get done later this month), &      future  priority (things that I’m working towards in the next coming months). It can get really overwhelming when you have a million things to do, but start to create momentum on small actionable items. By the time you start knocking those out, you’ll be well into your flow.









4. Have a solid morning routine:


Listen when I first moved to LA, I definitely didn’t have the best morning routine. I’d go to sleep ridiculously late, engaged in unimportant matters, and had a never ending  schedule

Slowly but surely, I started to change my lifestyle habits and became more disciplined. Now I have a very structured morning. I’ll get up around 7:30 am, make my bed, meditate, hit the gym, eat a healthy breakfast, respond to emails, & start working on content for the week. Start to create small wins first thing in the morning, so it sets you up for the rest of the day. Since building a strong morning routine, I can say that I’ve noticed a major shift in my energy and I’m able to have more clarity and focus throughout my day.








5. Get moving:

FullSizeRender-1 2.JPG

It’s 2018 and we’re getting our mind, body, and soul on point! Okkkkkaayyyyy. It’s been clinically proven time after time that incorporating exercise into your life results in a happier and healthier you. Besides, Summer’s creeping around the corner and who doesn’t want a nice booty?!

I know it can be difficult getting into the flow of working out consistently, so here’s my tips on how to start working out!

  • Sign up for classes: A few of my favorite studios in Los Angeles include Soulcyle, Barry’s Boot Camp, Corepower, Flywheel 45, and LIT method) I also recommend Classpass  because it allows you to have access at varieties of different studios for a great price. This is great for someone like me who likes a lot of variety in my workouts
  • Have a workout buddy: Having a friend who has the same workout goals as you will inspire and motivate you to push yourself to your highest self.
  • Workout digitally: There’s tons of free apps + youtube channels that I love using. The Nike training app is one of my favorites because 1.) It's free 2.) You can chose a workout based upon what you want to focus on for the day. Also, it’ll time all the intervals.

6. Show me the money

If this isn’t #adulting, what is? Long gone are the days when I was throwing money around. Living in a big city like LA is pricey $$$$.  Like four dollar yelp sign pricey. With rent prices hiking, paying for parking on every corner, and being a human period. Shit adds up fast.

Unless you have a sugar daddy, you're a trust fund baby, or you just got it like that. Learning how to manage your finances is key to #adulting. Luckily there’s free tools to help us navigate through our modern finances like apps such as Mint. Mint is a great way to manage your finances and create a budgeting system for yourself. There’s so many ways to go about budgeting depending on what you job and lifestyle looks like.

Here’s a tip to my freelancers specifically: First and foremost, any checks that are coming in should be prioritized on covering your set living expenses per month. I know it can be tempting to go shopping and spend that check, but trust me. You can live without it! Also plan a 6 month cushion just incase those checks don’t come in on time. To all my boss babes and gentlemen, don’t get it twisted, having a good credit score is sexy!


I hope you guys enjoyed reading through some of my life hacks and I would love to hear what works for you guys. Till next time! xx

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